MicrobiotiX strives to develop treatments
 for global intractable diseases
such as multidrug-resistant
bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer


Phage, Microbiome
& Beyond

Phage, Microbiome & Beyond

We develop bacteriophage and microbiome based treatments against superbugs

At MicrobiotiX, our goal is to develop bacteriophage-based treatments for multidrug-resistant bacteria, microbiome-based treatments using microbiota banking, and treatments related to autoimmune diseases and other untreatable diseases in the future. MicrobiotiX is a biotech company specializing in microbiome research established by professors from Yonsei Medical Center. With our microbiota collection and bacteriophage library we develop various treatments for multidrug-resistant bacteria and incurable diseases through exploring the interconnected relationship between the phages present in your intestines and the microbiome. We have built the world’s leading bacteriophage library over 15 years along with state-of-the-art research techniques in the field of bacteriophage and microbiome. In addition, we have built a GMP facility for a global scale up.


Phage library of Gram-negative MDR pathogensPossession of Asia’s 2nd oldest microbiota bank
Received approval for free pre-clinical serivce by the US institution
Pre-Series B investment round (DSC, Schmidt, SUP, Shinhan Capital)
A venture established by specialists from Yonsei Medical Center
Got selected to be part of Shinhan2Bridge program
Joint research with CJ Bioscience
Establishment of a cGMP-class facility (CDMO service)


Antimicrobial resistance is one of the
6 major challenges facing humanity

Antimicrobial agents are drugs that have saved countless lives since their discovery, but their development and pharmaceutical process is very slow and arduous. Microorganisms are gaining resistance to these antimicrobial agents. This undermines all of the hard work put into their development. This is due to the extreme diversity and genetic flexibility of these microorganisms. This problem is only expected to worsen in the future for 2 reasons: antimicrobial candidates are dwindling, and even with large investments, the new antimicrobial mechanism will be countered with just a few generations of mutations. Therefore, there is an urgent need to supplement or replace the existing antibacterial treatment framework. The countermeasures we must take are clear. Recently, the NIH in the United States proposed a shift to explore alternative therapies to overcome antimicrobial resistance, including bacteriophage therapy and synthetic microbiota. Yonsei University’s diagnostic laboratory, the academic foundation of MicrobiotiX, and the Institute of Bacterial Resistance have conducted a world-class antimicrobial resistance study. During this research, many world-first discoveries were made. The research team then explored innovative ways to overcome antimicrobial resistance and from this discussion MicrobiotiX was founded. The specific method that MicrobiotiX is currently pursuing is through bacteriophage therapy. Through bacteriophages, we want to reset the relationship between humans and antimicrobial resistant bacteria. Through, both Korean and American research teams, we are investigating phages to be used in preclinical and clinical trials. I’ll continue to work hard to push our research forward and I look forward to your support.

Dongeun Yong, CEO



Yong, Dongeun Professor

Yonsei University’s School of Medicine Department of Laboratory Medicine

Director of Infectious Diseases
Senior professor
Medical doctor

Cheon, Jaehee Professor

Yonsei University’s School of Medicine Department of Gastroenterology

Medical doctor

Park, Mooseok Professor

Yonsei University’s School of Medicine Department of Pulmonology

Medical doctor

Lee, Sangkil Professor

Yonsei University’s School of Medicine Department of Gastroenterology

Director of Cancer Center
Medical doctor

Choi, Junyong Professor

Yonsei University’s School of Medicine Department of Infectious Diseases

Medical doctor



Received approval from US institution for free pre-clinical services

Pre-series B with DSC Investment VC and Schmidt Bridge investment partners


Pneumonia (Sepsis) treatment against pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. MP001 (first pipeline) got accepted to pre-clinical project (3.5 Billion)

CJ Bioscience Co-development involving P. aeruginosa-caused pneumonia and pulmonary hematosis (MOU)

SUP, Shinhan Capital Pre-A investment round

DSC Investment VC, Schmidt A investment round

Initiation of virome based treatment through FMT & FFT

Transfer of 300 types of bacteriophages from Yonsei Medical Center

IRB approval for bacteriophage therapy in clinical trials

Ten bacteriophage-related patents transferred from Yonsei Medical Center

Establishment of microbiota bank and FMT delivery for clinical use in hospitals

MicrobiotiX founded


A Network
of Hospitals Nationwide


Yonsei Medical Center, Severance Hospital

Yonsei Medical Center, Severance Hospital (Gangnam)

Ewha Women’s University, Mokdong Hospital

Hanyang University Hospital

Samsung Medical Center

Inje University, Sanggyebaek Hospital

Nowoneulji University Hospital

Gangwon province

Hallim University, Chungcheon Sacred Heart Hospital

Gwangju Metropolitan Area

Jeollam University Hospital

Joseon University Hospital

Gyeonggi Province

Catholic University , St. Mary’s Hospital (Bucheon)

Catholic University, St. Vincent’s Hospital

Cha University Medical Center, Bundangcha Hospital

Daejeon Metropolitan Area

Daejeon Eulji University Hospital

Daegu Metropolitan Area

Daegu Fatima Hospital

Busan Metropolitan Area

Goshin University, Gospel Hospital

Incheon Metropolitan Area

Gacheon University, Gil Hospital

Catholic University, St. Mary’s Hospital (Incheon)

Jeollabuk Province

Jeonbuk University Hospital

Wongwang University Hospital

Jeonju Daejin Hospital

Ulsan Metropolitan Area

Ulsan University Hospital

Donggang Hospital

Jeju Province

Jeju University Hospital


Research Center at Severance Hospital

Research Center at Severance Hospital, Office #221

Tel  02. 6379. 2649    

E-mail  mx@microbiotix.net

Gasan Digital Center Office , GMP facility

Seoul city, Geumcheon-gu Digital-ro 9, 33 IT Mirae Tower

Office 304, 604, 606   GMP facility 1105-1007

Tel  02. 6379. 2649    

E-mail  mx@microbiotix.net


Severance Hospital Clinical Research Center #221   l   TEL : 02. 6379. 2649   l   E-mail : mx@microbiotix.net

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