MicrobiotiX strives to develop treatments
 for global intractable diseases
such as multidrug-resistant
bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer


Phage, Microbiome
& Beyond



We provide specialized service that includes: product development, process optimization for bacteriophage drugs developed by consigned companies, technology transfer, aseptic vial filling for the production of drugs for clinical trial and for the drugs which has gone through the clinical trials.


Our production capabilities and quality assurance system fully comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and global regulations to provide highest quality of the product.


MicrobiotiX is developing a treatment for intractable multidrug-resistant bacteria through bacteriophage R&D for more than 15 years. We provide consignment research and production services based on cGMP manufacturing facilities dedicated to bacteriophage and long-term R&D know-how.

Consignment production of Drug Substance (DS)
and Drug Product (DP) 

MicrobiotiX complies with global regulations for the highest quality. We were also founded on the principle of delivering better CDMO services with speed and a competitive price. In line with this principle, microbiotix is trying to redefine the concept of what good customer satisfaction can be and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, the likes of which the pharmaceutical industry has never seen before. We will provide reliable, high-quality services at all levels, from sterile filing and foreign contaminant inspection to packaging.

Aseptic filling

Small/Large commercial and clinical
vials and syringes (10R, 10ml per vial)
Bacteriophage based biological and chemical formulations

Pre-shipment inspection
and packaging

Foreign substance inspection
Labeling and custom packaging

Quality control and storage

application of pharmaceutical quality system (ICH Q10)
Storage: refrigerated (2~4C), it is possible to store up to (-80C)


Severance Hospital Clinical Research Center #221
TEL : 02. 6379. 2649
 E-mail : mx@microbiotix.net

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Severance Hospital Clinical Research Center #221   l   TEL : 02. 6379. 2649   l   E-mail : mx@microbiotix.net

Copyright © MICROBIOTIX. All rights reserved.